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Chandler reveals heart-breaking moment when McGregor withdrew: “The rug pulled out from underneath me”



Michael Chandler MMA (1)

Michael Chandler. Photo via Instagram (@mikechandlermma)

Michael Chandler waited for a long time to finally face UFC star Conor McGregor on June 29.

The former Bellator champion recently revealed the heart-breaking moment when he found out that the Irish superstar withdrew from the fight.

“I got the rug pulled out from underneath me at the last possible moment,” Chandler said on social media. “I just had got done with my last sparring session, Thursday morning, had been hearing rumblings since Monday, obviously, but really got the call about an hour after my last sparring session was completed. An hour after a celebration.”

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Michael Chandler was in the shape of his life

Michael Chandler claimed he was in the shape of his life going into the octagon at UFC 303. A fight that was perhaps the biggest and most anticipated of 2024.

“Anybody who has trained for a fight or anybody who has gone through a training camp for something, you go through a really hard block and then, in order to peak, you get toward the very end, you don’t go hard anymore, as to throw yourself into the fire and take the chance of injuries, over training, bumps, bruises, cuts, all those different things. I had just gotten done with that. The happiest and healthiest, hardest to kill, most dangerous man I have ever been in my entire life, in that moment. To 30 minutes later getting a phone call that all of that was for naught.”

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