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Lööf excited to enter CRAZY tournament: “You fight twice the same night!”



Alexander Lööf Cage Warriors

Alexander Lööf. Photo: Daniel Schälander

Fresh off a win in his hometown, Swedish bantamweight Alexander Lööf (6-1) is set to enter Cage Warriors Prizefighter bantamweight bracket to compete in the promotion’s upcoming one-night tournament.

The card goes down on July 20 in London, at Cage Warriors 174, with the semi finals and final the same night!

“Honestly, I said yes to participate without knowing so much about it,” Lööf tells Frontkick. “What I do know is that there is $50.000 on the line plus $10.000 bonuses, and you fight twice the same night.”

“I give absolutely no shit about who’s in the tournament. That’s actually what makes me so excited about it. It can be anyone that I will face, and there will be two fights per night. I mean, isn’t that fucking cool!”

Alexander Lööf. Photo: Daniel Schälander

Alexander Lööf. Photo: Daniel Schälander

Alexander Lööf comes from a big win

Just two weeks ago, Alexander Lööf fought on the FCR 20 main card where he defeated the tough Ukrainian Andrey Tyschenko via split decision. The Swede is not worried about being back in the cage again so soon after fighting a three-round battle.

“To fight close to my last fight is no problem at all,” Lööf says. “I got out of there without any injuries. I haven’t been as active as I want lately. So I want to fight as much as possible now when I have no injuries.”

The Cage Warriors tournament is yet to reveal all participants. However, Lööf is confident he can take on all comers.

“I just know about two of the other fighters. They are great and tough boys, but I can’t focus on all of them. The first I will face on July 20 is the one I will have my mind set on. Then we will see who’s next!”

Will Alexander Lööf make history and become the first Cage Warriors Prizefighter? Tune in on July 20 and make sure to follow Frontkick for more news!

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