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Guram Kutateladze on Khamzat Chimaev: “We know what he is capable of”



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Swedish-Georgian lightweight Guram Kutateladze will face Russia’s Damir Ismagulov on tonight’s anticipated UFC event. Talking to the journalists at Wednesday’s media day, “The Georgian Viking” opened up on his view of the fight between his teammate Khamzat Chimaev’s potential as a fighter,  as well as “Borz” last bout against Gilbert Burns.

“It was a very emotional fight for everybody, for all of his teammates and coaches. But he needed that fight you know, and probably the way it went,” Kutateladze told the press. “He showed the world that he is able to go three rounds. He’s able to stand and bang, you understand, and that he has a heart, he has a strong mentality. I see it only positive.”

“So, there is a lot of thing you know, but I’m not going to talk about it. We know this inside of the team, but I think he showed himself from a good side,” Kutateladze said. “People say like ‘Oh, he’s going to lose against these if he’s going to fight like this’. No he’s not going to fight like this, we are improving. Everybody is improving, nobody is standing still. If you are standing still you are dead you know. So I see it only from a positive side.”

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Guram Kutateladze not suprised by quick rise

Being at Chimaev’s side since many years, the Swedish-Georgian is not suprised of his friends quick rise in the UFC.

“I met him like, almost the day he came to the gym, so I knew him from the start, like all the coaches etcetera. So I wasn’t suprised. He believe in himself strongly you know, and we believed in him strongly, we still do, and I do as his brother. So. I’m not suprised. It’s much more to come. That’s what we believe in, but maybe for the rest of the world he is going to suprise all of you, but we know what he is capable of.”

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