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Liam Pitts is looking for a war at FCR 15: “I visualize that I finish him”



Liam Pitts

Liam Pitts. Photo: Johnathon Michael

On February 25, Swedish MMA prospect and TV personality Liam Pitts will return to action for his second amateur fight as he steps into the cage to face the experienced David Hedlund.

In a new interview with Swedish MMA journalist Sebastian Vendel-Martinez, the young bantamweight shares his thoughts on the upcoming bout at FCR 15.

“I always enjoy war. If he wants to get me one, or if he can stick in there, I love to have one again,” Pitts said. “But if he can give me a war, I want one. I doubt he will be able to. I visualize that I finish him, but again, he’s tough, and nobody finished him for a reason so I’m not underestimating him. I know he’s a tough guy, but so am I.”

Liam Pitts: “You can expect fireworks”

Liam Pitts made his MMA debut at FCR 11 February 2022 as he clashed with fellow bantamweight Noah Hedenberg. After three rounds of action, the former Junior wrestling champion Pitts stood as the winner via unanimous decision.

On February 25, however, he hopes to finish the fight before the final bell.

“You can expect a good fight. At least from my part, I’ll do my best to make it a good fight. If he doesn’t want to make it a good fight, that’s on him, but I’m going to do the best I can to put on a show for the fans, and you can expect fireworks, that’s what you can expect.”

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Current lineup for Fight Club Rush 15

Fight Club Rush 15 will take place at Strawberry Fields by Quality Hotell Solna on February 25.

Check out all the announced fights below!

  • Bantamweight title bout: Bernardo Sopai vs. Julien Lopez
  • Featherweight bout: Alexander Lööf vs. Fernando Flores
  • Bantamweight bout (amateur): Liam Pitts vs. David Hedlund
  • Featherweight bout: Wasi Adeshina vs. Glenn McVeigh
  • Bantamweight bout: Hecher Sosa vs. Frederik Skov Strauss
  • Lightweight bout: Martin Corney vs. TBA
  • Lightweight bout (amateur): Anton Hellström vs. Jaafer Mohammed
  • Lightweight bout: Moe Ahmadi vs. Patrik Pietilä
  • Welterweigt bout: Christian Stigenberg vs. Simon Seiler

*Bout order and number of fights can change.

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