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The Sunday Column: Felipe Lima shows the world what he’s made of!



The Sunday Column (2)

The Sunday Column. Photo: OKTAGON MMA

Frontkick’s Tobias Lindkvist talks major and minor events from this past week in the Sunday Column.

1. Felipe Lima’s UFC debut

What a short-notice debut by Felipe Lima!

From the walkout, you could just see that the young Swedish-Brazilian belongs in the best MMA promotion in the world, and when he secured the tight rear-naked-choke it was like everything fell into place. Talk about digging deep and live up to the moment.

Just imagine what Lima can do in his own weight class with a proper fight camp!

2. Perry will fuck up Paul

Mike Perry taking the fight against Jake Paul is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I just wish it was a bare-knuckle fight.

3. Dominance Fighting Championships

Former UFC fighter Mark Madsen launched his new MMA promotion Dominance Fighting Championships a few days back. Madsen’s DFC is a welcome contribution to the growing Nordic MMA scene, who’s been dominated by Swedish promotions like Superior Challenge, FCR and AFN.

Madsen also has one of the world’s most prominent MMA managers in Ali Abdelaziz on the team. Abdelaziz as a matchmaker will absolutely give DFC legitimacy and will probably mean a bunch of great fight cards coming up.

4. The Quote

“MMA should be in big arenas. It’s a modern gladiator show. The Rock n’ Roll of sports.”

Even though I’m a huge rock fan, I never equated MMA and Rock n’ Roll. UFC fighter-turned-promoter Mark Madsen nailed it in Frontkick’s recent interview.

The Sunday Column song of the week

The classic New York–based Wu-Tang Clan affiliated Sunz of Man is as dark and gritty as hip-hop gets. Do yourself a favor and check out “Five Arch Angels”.

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