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Liam Pitts will represent Sweden in the 2023 IMMAF World Championships



Liam Pitts MMA AFN 2

Amateur prospect Liam Pitts will represent the Swedish National Team. Photo: Chris Sonnerby

Swedish MMA fighter and TV-personality Liam Pitts will represent Sweden in the upcoming 2023 IMMAF World Championships. That’s according to coach Mohammed Babadivand.

The tournament will take place at the Tirana Olympic Park venue in Tirana, Albania, between November 20 and November 25, and will be the young Allstar Training Center prospect’s first with the Swedish National Team.

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Liam Pitts is undefeated in MMA

The undefeated bantamweight Liam Pitts has so far pulled together a flawless record of 3-0, that includes two unanimous decision wins at Fight Club Rush and one submission at Allstars Fight Night 2.

Allstar Training Center’s heavyweight fighter Najib Adams will also represent Sweden during the tournament. Adams is also undefeated with a record of 2-0, with a first-round KO at Fight Club Rush 15 and a unanimous decision Allstars Fight Night 2.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said following about the upcoming MMA tournament in Albania.

“We are thrilled to announce that Tirana, the European City of Sports 2023, will be the esteemed host city for the 2023 IMMAF World Championships. Since the first World Championships in 2014, IMMAF has proven that this platform is ‘Where Stars Are Born’, as Amateur MMA upstarts begin their journey through the mixed martial arts pathway.”

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