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Malin Hermansson is more than ready for undefeated Dakota Ditcheva: “Faced tougher fighters than her”



Malin Hermansson PFL MMA 1

Malin Hermansson. Photo: Stev Bonhage

On Saturday Malin Hermansson is up for her hardest test to date, as she faces rising star Dakota Ditcheva in her PFL debut.

The Swedish flyweight is an experienced MMA fighter, who competed in promotions like Bellator and Cage Warriors, before accepting the short notice fight against Ditcheva.

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, she opens up on the biggest fight of her career.

“It feels awesome, it’s a huge opportunity. If you compare it to Bellator, I feel like there’s a lot more at stake, partly because it’s a tournament and partly because of the cash prize,” Hermansson says.

The British 24-year old is for sure a formidable opponent – young, hungry and undefeated. With six KO’s in seven fights, it’s fair to say that the former kickboxer is one hell of a fighter.

“For some reason her hype gets me more sharp. I noticed that as soon as the fight was in the talks. We have watched her fights, and everything around her, and I have to say it feels really good. It’s a good matchup for me,” Hermansson says.

Malin Hermansson was prepared to step in on short notice

When you are talking to the Swede, you can tell she’s in a good place ahead of Saturday’s co-main event. She sounds happy and collected – ready to show the world what she’s made of.

And even though Malin would have prefered more than three weeks to prepare for the tough Brit, she is confident going into the fight.

“When PFL announced the tournament, my manager Majdi Shammas told me ‘It’s eight girls in this thing, so keep yourself in shape. You never know what’s going to happen’. And he was right. Ditcheva’s opponent pulled out and the PFL reached out, and here we are.”

How long did it take for you to decide to accept the fight?

“One minute,” she laughs. “There was no way I would not take the fight, this is a huge opportunity.”

Malin Hermansson PFL 12 MMA

Photo: Stev Bonhage

Malin Hermansson: “She’s undefeated but not unbeatable”

Even though competing in PFL is a big deal for any fighter, Hermansson does not think too much about the hype that surrounds the event.

“I have the same feeling that I had before my professional debut. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. It’s a good feeling, it feels like this is a serious thing. I will make the best of this opportunity, it’s all or nothing. No fucks given and just go for it. The only thing I’ve promised myself is to be happy when I leave the cage. Of course I go there to win in a dominant fashion, but what I really want is to be happy with my performance after the fight.”

It’s definitely a high risk high reward situation, especially since Hermansson took the fight on short notice. However, it feels like she might know something we don’t.

“She’s 7-0 but when I watch her fights I dare to say that I’ve faced tougher fighters than her, and she never fought anyone like me,” Hermansson says.

“She’s undefeated but not unbeatable.”

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