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Exclusive with Anton Hellström: 3x Swedish boxing champ goes pro!



Anton Hellström boxing 12

Anton Hellström. Photo: Sten Bonhage

Three-time Swedish boxing champion Anton Hellström is the next Swede to go pro.

Together with internationally acclaimed trainer Luis Lagerman, the 28-year-old boxer has an ambitious plan to reach the top of the sport.

“I want to become a world champion,” Hellström says in an exclusive interview with Frontkick. “I know what I’m capable of. Win a title and defend it.”

“It would be realistic to win a belt at 33. In five, six years. It depends on how active I am and if  my body holds up. But if I do what I’m supposed to do in the ring I should be able to get a title shot in five years.”

Hellström is aware of the monumental task but is full of confidence.

“I’ve always had that attitude to things. It’s pretty un-swedish,” he laughs. “But why not? If I’m not going to believe in myself no one else will do it.”

Anton Hellström boxing 3

Photo: Sten Bonhage

“I will take tougher fights pretty early”

Anton Hellström will start properly to look for fights in August but is already training hard. In fact, he keeps weight to be able to take a fight on short notice if needed.

“There won’t be a problem getting fights. In the beginning you have to build a record, but since I’m 28 already, I will take tougher fights pretty early in my career.”

“I hope to eventually be able to fight in England and beat someone I shouldn’t be able to beat, if you understand what I mean. Get the bigger fights that way.”

Anton Hellström boxing

Anton Hellström. Photo: Sten Bonhage

Anton Hellström puts MMA career aside

In December 2021, the Gävle fighter won his third Swedish boxing championship gold medal. Just months before the win, he made his debut as an amateur MMA fighter at Fight Club Rush. So far Hellström has competed three times in the cage but puts the MMA career aside to focus solely on boxing.

“I’m still tied to SFG and represent them. We have started a boxing section and I’m coaching there. We have a bunch of good amateur boxers coming up. I have classes four-five times a week. It gives me a lot as a boxer to teach boxing.”

Hellström had a dream of going pro for a while. When he injured his knee, this past November, and couldn’t walk for six weeks he came to terms it was finally time to take the next step as a fighter.

“I can’t train MMA and get hurt all the time. The wrestling hurts my knees. It’s better to box. If I break my hands and nose I can still walk.”

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